Scooby Appeal: Replacement Of 800m Of Fencing

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Scooby Appeal: Replacement Of 800m Of Fencing

We are appealing for funds

This year we are appealing for funds to build an 800m brick wall to replace dilapidated fencing at Protectora y Santuario Scooby....

There is a corridor which provides access to the galgos in 15 - 20 runs and the surrounding fencing is in dire need of replacement.

It needs to be replaced with bricks up to shoulder height (human shoulder height) and then chain link fencing on top.

This gives the dogs the benefit of natural light and fresh air in their outdoor runs but without a transparent view into each others’ territory, withdrawing the opportunity to antagonise each other, or to dig under the fence to reach the neighbours, or break out and go on a tour of the shelter!

This corridor and its passages amounts to 800m of enclosures. This is a large-scale project and we estimate the cost will be €20,000.


We will help Scooby

We will help Scooby with the fund-raising appeal for these needs which are critical for the shelter’s survival as a much-needed galgo refuge.


Thanks to your support and donations,

we already have £3,000 towards these renovations.

A Facebook auction organised by a small group of friends in Holland raised €5,000 for the brickwork and 4 young, Slovenian volunteers. are being sponsored to run the Medina del Campo (home of the Scooby shelter) 10k run and so far we have pledges of €3,710.

This means we still have to raise €7,900 We will also apply to grant funding bodies for assistance. If you would like to donate towards the new brickwork, or know a company interested in sponsoring the wall (complete with advertising!) please let us know.


View: Team Scooby Sprinters


Pictures of Fencing to Repair

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About Us

Scooby, shelter and sanctuary, has been providing a home to mistreated and abandoned animals for more than 30 years. It was created thanks to the initiative of a group of women who wanted to do something about the amount of abandoned dogs in the area of Medina del Campo (Valladolid). In the nineties, Scooby brings to light the atrocities inflicted on Spanish galgos and its work is internationalized...


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